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Live at the Haus of Bourdoir for Lola Frost Birthday

April 29th, 2012 | By Kerry


DJ K-Tel Live at Haus of Boudoir for Lola's Bday

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Nick Middleton – Pick of 2010 – James Blake “James Blake”

January 27th, 2011 | By Kerry

James Blake “James Blake”

Looking for something different for a change? I highly encourage you to check out James Blake. His 2009/2010 EP’s have been on heavy rotation on my iPod throughout the year, an amazing and unique sound, definitely one of the most critically acclaimed producers of the past year, a very innovative sound. His debut full-length self-titled album was set to be released February 2011, but was leaked just before Christmas worldwide online for everyone to hear. The new album definitely follows a new formula compared to the rest of his EPs, so it may be a challenging listen for some, but it continues to showcase Blake as a truly innovative producer, this time debuting his own vocals! Crank up “Limit To Your Love” and I think you’ll instantly appreciate his soulful voice and unique low-frequency production.


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Nick Middleton

Nick Middleton (The Outlier) is a producer and DJ living in Vancouver, and one half of The Funk Hunters. His productions have been signed to Manmade Records, Roca Records, Big M, Swing Set Sounds, and Ghetto Funk.

Elan Benaroch – Pick of 2010 – R.Stevie Moore

January 27th, 2011 | By Kerry

R.Stevie Moore

I heard about this guy from a friend looked him up on youtube and couldn’t believe the pages of homemade videos dating back to the mid seventies. this is one of the songs that maybe could have been commercial if it was recorded a little better. i guess that’s the point.. what makes music a product vs a creation.


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Elan Benaroch

Elan is a keyboard master and plays in the band
Space Saturn Disco Orchestra