Craig Mullin – Pick of 2010 – Lhasa “Lhasa De Sela”

January 27th, 2011 | By

Lhasa “Lhasa De Sela”

I won’t be able to describe with words how deep i feel her music.. the truth is in her voice. I listened to this album more than any one album last year, i think its a wonderful antidote to all the electronic music i listen to with/without vocals.. Her voice is divine. It’s the last album she made as she passed away on new years day 2010. We shared the same birthday too.. ‘the living road’ would be a desert island album of mine for sure.


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Craig Mullin

I’m a music collector/dj who loves to play all kinds of stuff.. the last couple years i’ve been playing mostly dub and house and everything in between. I’ve just begun a new audio/visual/political collaboration with another nelsonite that we call the ‘bc dubcats’..

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